life last week... i turned 39!


last week i turned 39! i know. it’s really hard to tell ;-)

so what did i do on my special day (lol)? well, i worked from home (BLEH!) and then took the boys to karate class followed by hot dogs and fries (shroom burger for me) at our easy place, the shake shack. my friend met us and we shared the michelada she brought in a bud light tall can. i brought the party cups. sure wasn't feeling 39 then ;-) we got home late and watched some silly movie i can't remember what. 39 indeed.

the next day i was OFF! hallelujah i got a facial and did some pilates. my mom picked up the boys from school adding a few hours to my day of leisure. when i got to her place to pick them up they had surprised me with cupcakes! feeling the love alright. 39 was pretty great so far!

so what else?

the boys are learning to ride bikes. what a ride that has been.

cauliflower gnocchi has arrived at trader joe's. spoiler alert: it's just ok.

counting the days until we go on vacation to ojai followed by camping lake tahoe.

i had this done and can't wait to go back for more.

anyone else wigging out about kindergarten or just school in general? we still don't know where max will go next fall. but he starts summer camp in just a few weeks and i am so excited for him.

and lastly... josh and i are taking tennis lessons together! we start next week. what is this life?!!





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