this is 5


the night before max's birthday something unusual happened. in the middle of dinner knox said he wanted to go to bed. now if you know my kid this is UNHEARD OF. most nights we hear him roaming the hallway long after we've read all the books, brushed our teeth and said goodnight more than once. but ok fine. life at 3 exhausting kid i get it. so off he went. immediately i could see the glimmer in max's eyes; he now had me all to himself.

settled on the couch, we rented jumanji and proceeded to laugh our butts off. i don't think i even looked at my phone once. the movie ended well past his bedtime, but it was the eve of his birthday so whatever. it was also the best send off to life as a parent to a 5-year-old i could ask for and took the emotional edge off of the fact that my little guy was well, not so little anymore.

i mean, he's not so little anymore if...

he can put on his own shoes and jackets.

he can brush his teeth, wash his face and hands without me hovering over him.

he likes the finer things in life like grilled broccoli with fresh parmesan and fried red snapper.

he makes jokes.

he can spell his name, my name (mama), knox, and a handful of words with less than 4 letters.

has a killer backhand.

by year's end i predict this list will double. and boy does that make this mama so proud. and excited.

welcome to year 5 max!




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