date night + kids


let's be real. date night with kids is not ideal. is it even date night? i would venture to say that, well, sure. why not? recently, josh and i celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary(!). we got all dressed up, saw a play, had a fancy dinner followed by romantic stroll through downtown. all with max + knox as our + two. and you know what? it was awesome.


fun heels, a red lip and two little boys. the perfect date night outfit.


and suspenders you guys. i just can't.


ok so when i said play i really meant a bob baker marionette show. so yes, it was mostly a kid audience. however, i would totally come here without them. and actually there was a gal my age celebrating her birthday here with a bunch of her friends.

totally legit date activity.


yeah, yeah dinosaurs tow the line. still a date. still a date!


maybe the best part is the ice cream and coffee after. it's like it was all of our birthdays, you know? or like saving room for desert after an intimate dinner? ok, maybe bit of a stretch but i am making it work guys!


see! totally still a date! i mean josh is wearing a tie and knox has on a white shirt with buttons. a white shirt is always preserved for fancy occasions guys.

like date night.


and then fancy dinner time!! before our anniversary i began thinking of how i wanted to celebrate and immediately thought, ooh what will i wear? then i thought, BOTTEGA LOUIE! and when it became clear we would not have a babysitter for the night i still thought BOTTEGA LOUIE!! extra exclamation because the boys love cookies so what could go wrong?


ok, a few things. like knox throwing a lego into the open kitchen behind us for one. thankfully, the staff thought it was funny. probs because knox was so cute in said fancy shirt and also my obvious embarrassment. other than that it was your typical pizza sauce and food mess situation. i barely cared thanks to two heavenly bloody mary's.


and this bruschetta. we also ordered a pizza and portabella fries. the fries are always a must. they change my life every time.


and hey our server brought us desert for our anniversary! i got exactly two bites! guess who had the rest...


making up over the whole lego incident.


we did it!


and a date wouldn't be complete without a lovely walk, right? tbh josh was kind of over it by this point. but i pressed and put on that disappointed by ok with it face.

so we walked. and later he admitted he was glad we did.


and then i pushed my luck by making him pose in front of walls i thought made him look cool. and he let me. because that's what you do on a date.


six hours later we finally went home. i was exhausted and happy. my belly was still full from our meal. our conversation overflowing reminiscing over the memories we made. we settled in, replaced our fancy wears for comfy pj's and snuggled on the couch to enjoy a cartoon nightcap.

as we sat, i looked at my family and i couldn't stop smiling. i really couldn't think of a better way to have spent our special day. i suppose just letting it be awesome and not dwelling on what a date night should be made the day as fun as it was. despite still being on kidwatch and the inevitable but why? moments that come with it, i felt free. i felt liberated. i felt cute as hell in my date night outfit. it was so fun we've braved dry clean only outfits and expensive restaurants a few times since then. often we think about how cute the boys look, so small in their grown up duds, heads barely scaling the restaurant table. we think about how in the years to come we will keep having our special dates with them, subbing plastic cups with lids for glasses filled with spirits. it's a good feeling.

so yea, date night with kids. totally a thing. at least for us. but that doesn't mean i am not super excited about our date this weekend, without kids. the kind where we talk about them all night, and almost wish they were there too.



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