happy holiday weekend


happy holiday weekend guys!

we are a bit of a disorganized mess over here. i have lots of ideas on how to spend four glorious days off but no exact plan. but you will probably find us posing in front of all the vibrant wall murals we can find. also thinking a beach day may happen. i really want to hit up surfrider and perhaps the malibu pier. there's also this place called adventure city everyone says we have to check out. also debating the aquarium and knott's berry farm. i know. why can't someone just host a BBQ and my life would be so much easier! for sure i will try out this drink recipe i just found and am like how did i not think of this myself? also, will be wearing this jumpsuit on independence day. because how holiday perfect is blue gingham? VERY.

anyway, we will have fun no matter what. we always do. and sometimes no plan is the best plan, right? fingers crossed.

what are you guys up to this weekend? whatever it is make it a good one!



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