finally the longest week ever is OVER.


cheers to the weekend. and can i get an AMEN to THAT.

this week was long and brutal and it has finally come to an end. so now that we're here, what are you guys up to? it's a date night this saturday for mr cheek + me so we got tickets to the guillermo del toro: at home with monsters exhibit at lama. after that we'll head wherever our rumbling tummies and penchant for spirits takes us. in other words, no real plan after that. at least for now. not really my style but i'm trying this new thing where i try not to plan every waking minute. it's very hard! anyway, back to my weekend schedule. sunday we are picking up the boys from their nana's house on our bikes and going for a ride. again, no destination mapped out in our heads. just zig zagging our way through this fine city i call home. that's the plan. the half plan. and i can't wait. 

have a great weekend guys! 



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