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last weekend we took the kids to toys "r" us for the first time ever. is that crazy? i guess it's not with the advent of target + amazon. bless them both! but there is something about visiting a huge store filled with toys that i just knew the boys would really appreciate. they've been really good lately, too, and we wanted to show them that we appreciated their efforts... in the form of plastic action figures probably made in china. and how much fun was it telling max + knox that we were going to a great big toy store where they could pick out one thing each to take home... VERY!

a few photos...


immediately upon arrival it was complete pandemonium. of course we expected this, and while at times it was a bit trying on our patience, it was also the cutest thing ever. i mean they took this super serious. max especially so. his tactic was to inspect every toy and hold his temporary favorite for about two minutes before declaring, "no i don't want it! ooh what's that?!" and race toward the next treasure.

this went on for a while.


we spent a LOT of time in the star wars section.


knox pretty much mimicked max's behavior. i'm not sure he really understood wth was going on, which made it all the more hilarious.


so what would they choose? perhaps a fluffy yoda... no chewie... no bb8?! the suspense!


oooh, i know! a darth vader mask? nope.


i tried to sell them on a hulla hoop.


i mean check me out you guys. you too can look THIS cool.


yea, they weren't buying it. 


sports car. gotta be! eh, wrong again. so what did they end up choosing??


and the double winner is... a talking buzz lightyear action figure! yup. you read that right. they both chose the exact same toy. kinda dodged a bullet there, eh? what can i say. occasionally the universe cuts you a break. and it's pretty clear they didn't want to share. works for me!


i will now close this post with a pretty spectacular photo of knox eating the biggest kid menu sandwich i have ever seen. did he finish it? well, what do you think...

the end.



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