happy weekend


last night, my little family stayed up late. we had acquired a new-to-us ikea bunk bed off craigslist last weekend and the assembly process finally took place (optimistically) four hours before bed time. the clock was ticking. an hour in to project bunk bed, i was already putting together plan b. c and d. plan b being this: set the mattress up in the living room, entice the boys to fall asleep under the allure of their new airplane sheets and a few cartoons. possibly throw some goldfish crackers in the mix. by 8 i was too exhausted to build any other scenarios. i just wanted the job to be done. kids in bed. glass of wine in hand.

by 9:15, it was lights out for the kids and time for a well deserved nightcap for josh and i. it went great with huge sigh of relief i let out once i finally sat down.

it had been a long day, and week for that matter. now it's the weekend. AMEN. we are going to see finding dory tomorrow at our favorite theatre, the el capitan, then camping for two days with friends.

you know, typical cheek stuff.

have a great weekend guys... and be sure to hug your people!

xoxo, us!

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