life walks + clearing the mind


last sunday morning i got up and did something different. i got dressed and went on a walk. all by myself. i didn't take a bag, just my phone. no makeup and seriously i woke up like this hair. glasses. hands deep in my pockets. head in and out of the sky. i had some soul searching to do. i needed to clear my mind. it's a bit of mess up in their right now and starting to take hold of my everyday life.

i was in a FUNK. i didn't know what else to do. i just knew i had to walk as if my life depended on it. the walls of my apartment felt like they were caving in on me. my home, trampling my spirit. the walk was my escape. the air a hug from the universe. strangers my only friends. street art speaking to me as the sun warmed my soul. i ambled along deep in distraction and thought.

while it was what i needed my morning wander did little to clear my mind. and if anything, i came back more confused and directionless. i tried to shake it off. i put makeup on, grabbed my bag and tried to ignore my mental baggage. because that's just what you do. we all have bad days, weeks, seconds, minutes...

a few hours later, the effect of my life walk took root. my mind gradually felt more clear. i smiled and i meant it. life still felt out of control but i now knew how to adjust my sails. funk and i parted ways. for now.

something tells me this won't be my last life walk. nope, this walk is part of a long journey. i won't always know what i'm doing or feel right with any of it. but i can walk my problems out. trudge through the clutter. and maybe along the way, stop and admire the graffiti flowers. the strangers. and eventually the pain will soften and i will feel right again.

because that's what i do.

xoxo, sony


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