Prince kept me up last night


last night i couldn't sleep. it happens. i was sad. over a multitude of things. but mainly because i knew that very soon i would be missing someone. a friend like none i'd ever had. a pal who shares my sense of humor and obsession over the extremely important not-that-important stuff. she gets me. and now that someone is moving abroad. feelings y'all.

but for now she is still very much here. so i told her this morning how sad i was that in just ten weeks she would no longer be a mile away from me at almost all times. but also that i was happy for her. for her new life in a new city and wow. you know, mushy stuff that is very hard for me. and for her. that's why we're friends.

so i got that off my chest. but there was something else bugging me. as if that wasn't enough.

and then i found out Prince died. and then immediately got my period. kind of ironic. and then the insomnia from the night before made even more sense.

as fate would have it i have the day off. i had taken the day off just because. and after THE NEWS i've spent it nursing all of these feelings.

so yeah. i mean what do you say here. Prince was, and will always be, one of the greats. his style (let there be lace!), his hair, his MUSIC. he said it himself, "i got too many hits!" and now his mortal life has ended... but his legacy will continue on. forever. and as long as i am alive i will bang the hell out of his music.


PS: i saw his nipple at a concert one time. so did a lot of people. but over the huge crowd of screaming fans, i only heard my single plea: "show me the nips!" and i swear to you, a second later, there it was. just the right one. ok his left, my right.

we had pretty great seats.

PPS: the first music max every heard this side of the womb was a collection of Prince lullaby songs i obviously highly recommend.


man this is hard.

so long Prince. i sure hope to see you in Erotic City someday.

xoxo, sony, fan + girl you showed your nip to that one time and who will never forget it.


... and all the purple hearts blowing your way.

... and let there be LACE!

... and the end.

for real this time. 

i suck at goodbyes.

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