the four dates of xmas! date 1: beers, games + a movie


so the holidays are over. WHAA! TAKE ME BACK! i had a big chunk of time off and lagged on the blog front on purpose to focus on being present with my family and friends (i know barf. but true). but it just wouldn't be very me if i didn't brag about the four dates of christmas i had with josh the week before christmas! what is the four dates of christmas you ask? weeeeeell, it's pretty simple. every year josh has two weeks off for the holiday and i try to get at least one of those weeks off so we can have some time to play. just us, no kids, remember what it used be like before them, ect.

this year we had four days together. we planned out each day for the most part (ok, i made up most of the agenda but josh was totally into all of my amazing ideas) ANYWAY, for date 1, first and foremost, josh HAD to see the new star wars movie (or story? whatever), rogue one. i tried to get out of going but when our friend asked if we could double date i could not refuse. his girlfriend is the cutest. that's her up there in our mandatory group selfie. after the movie we parted ways so josh and i could continue our date with beer and many rounds of uno.

so pretty much date 1 was PERFECTION.


a brief detour to talk about my date outfit. for our first date i was feeling festive so i whipped out my furry vest. i've had it forever, snapped it up during a piperlime sale (RIP). i rarely wear it because idk why really it's soooo comfortable. maybe a little too fancy for daytime? maybe. but it felt perfect for a cold day out with my man! also, a rare appearance by these vintage gucci pumps i rescued from a crossroads resale shop years ago. i still remember when i saw them just waiting for me on the shelf. i gasped and said, "how are you even here right now? and for like $16?" this was all in my head of course. actually not sure about that anymore... whatever we have been happy ever since.


not a spoiler alert: rogue one was pretty awesome. ok actually awesome and apparently the world is obsessed with the series;) i pretended it was just ok to drive my friends crazy. because it's fun. one week later carrie fisher died and then the very next day her mother passed. not so fun. what the actual f 2016? i think someone is actually started a petition to keep betty white alive until at least 2017. that's how sad 2016 has been. but hey, she made it!


and at least we have beer and uno at spitz.


to which i will ALWAYS find a way to cheat.


bathroom décor.


ahhh. the first day of real vacation and the first date of christmas was super refreshing. promptly after this beer we rushed home to take a big old nap before we had to pick the boys up from school. i can't even remember the last time i napped!

when i woke up i thought, can't this be everyday life? for three more days it would be!

stay tuned guys.



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