glass ceilings



"I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but some day, someone will, and hopefully sooner than we think right now."

-hillary clinton



this has been a crazy week to say the least. i think at this point you all know what i'm talking about. i took my time processing the anger. i called my mom wednesday morning, crying and yelling. i argued with josh about how this happened. commiserated with friends and looked at surface acquaintances with wary. 

i'm exhausted. the negativity has drained me. it's time to pick up the pieces of what remain and and not let this keep eating me up. i'm still angry. i still feel hurt and betrayed by my fellow americans. but life must go on. we are at a low and now we must aim high. one thing my mom said during that emotional sos phone call, and what she always always says, is to keep love and the spirit of unity in my heart. to be a guiding light and not speak ill of anyone. to lead by example. 

mom is always right. 

i've read more posts and articles in my life over the past few days. the fog is starting to clear and a shred of light is peeking at the end of this long dark tunnel. i think of tangible things i can start doing. i can shop more locally. pay people in cash or trade. i will donate time and money to organizations i support. i will engage with my community more. yesterday i smiled and said "hello, how ya doing?" to every person i came across. it's the little things that will add up to a better world. 

what truly gives me hope is that i am not alone in this sentiment. across the country people feel the same way. together we can do this. we can shatter that highest and hardest glass ceiling. 

speaking of glass ceilings, we happen to have one in LA! (sorry if that sudden change in direction gave anyone whiplash) and no time felt better than now to give it a proper visit. this popular tourist destination is located in the bardbury building in downtown LA across the street from grand central market. you may recognize the building from the movie blade runner and, one of my favorites, 500 days of summer! remember that scene where tom met autumn? anyway, this historical landmark blew my mind.  


the glass ceiling! 


to say i really needed this little field trip is a complete understatement. to stare right at a glass ceiling. a ceiling so big and high it hurt my neck to capture it all in one view. i was in complete awe. i felt so tiny. but i didn't feel low. i felt happy. i felt motivated.

i felt like having a lemonade. 

and with that things really started to feel normal. a new normal. i survived the shift. i have found a way to be thankful to this country, and to the veterans who fought for it, for really showing me that we always have to fight the good fight. we never give up. we never quit. and that's what makes us so f'ing great.



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