life right now...

last night josh and i started watching hgtv again. house hunters and house hunters international, specifically. we drank manhattans and snacked on sliced provolone cheese with ritz crackers while we made predictions on which home the couple would choose, or rather, which home we would choose and why. because that's what makes it fun.

we used to watch htgv all the time. before netflix and amazon started coming out with some amazing television, when we had a decent nest egg and were actively looking for our first home. we gave it our best shot. but things happened. life happened. we had max, jobs changed. goodbye nest egg.

so no first house. and no more hgtv. it just wasn't fun anymore. we put our real estate dream on hold. we ignored everyone who told us we had to buy a house NOW. we did other things. we had knox. life just kept happening. josh and i never ignore our goals, but we also refuse to guilt ourselves into anything. we try to only take on what we can handle. and the timing just wasn't right. 

after last night the dream of buying a house surfaced again. the desire for outside space and the freedom to walk as loudly as we wanted (we have some heavy stompers in our family) began to outweigh living in a great location.

then the anxiety came. could we ever save enough money? what if we can't afford it. all the if's and but's and STUFF. i suddenly wasn't sure we could go through that again. this time had to be different. this time we are taking baby steps.

we will be cautious and patient.

we will save what we can.

we will watch hgtv once a week. gotta keep our eye on the prize, right?


in the meantime, while the goal of home ownership grows like a pregnant belly, life will keep happening. the holidays are coming, which means lot to celebrate and be joyful and grateful for, even if we're not in our own home.

last weekend felt like the start of this; the most wonderful time of the year. in two days we made some cool art, had a date night, attended a baby shower and an engagement party. it was a weekend where you don't think about the things you don't have because you're too happy enjoying what you do.

a few photos...  


the writing is on the wall.


photograph by maxwell. i call it "cheese + crackers on a plate."


fast forward about 15 years...


not a selfie.


first ride...


and for the rest of the party...


it went like this...


on sunday we got home after dark. we had been gone all day. we were exhausted and elated, riding the high of all the good happening around us.

if we keep this up we just may never buy a home. we'll be too busy to remember.

have a wonderful weekend.



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