a date night with monsters + magic


oh hey readers! don't mind us. we're just showing off again! josh + i had ourselves a date night last saturday and it was pure magic... with a side of monsters.


we started off the night at lacma, specifically to view the exhibit guillermo del torro: "at home with monsters." the exhibition reveals the artist's creative process through his collection of art, which is organized thematically rather than chronologically. you can read more about it here, but basically guillermo is obsessed with horror. most of the pieces center around death and the afterlife. sounds pretty romantic right? well, it kind of was. something about the creepiness of the subject matter made me hold josh tighter, go in for more hugs and make flirty jokes to distract myself from being completely spooked out.


i would totally wear this outfit.


this was beyond freaky. i can't even describe how it made me feel. something to experience first hand for sure.


the foyer of bleak house, guillermo's home where he keeps his art collection.


i love a good gallery bench. does anyone else get achy from all the standing, inquisitive side leaning and head tilting one does at a museum?


quick wardrobe check. check.


we walked the grounds at lacma for a bit. by that time the galleries closing for the night and even the yellow noodle was roped off. it was the first time i had ever seen it not filled with a gaggle of people. it was peaceful and quiet. a nice change from our usual visits when it's nonstop crazy. i love my kids but it was nice to be there without chasing them around or watching other parents chase their kids around. ironically enough, we had drinks at stark bar and got seated right next to a noisy family with kids. we laugh about it now because this ALWAYS seems to happen when we eat out without max + knox. 


and a trip to lacma isn't complete without stopping by these pretty lights...


twinning with my joshy! we've been doing this for years and is one of my favorite things about our relationship.


also, this bag is SO GOOD.


we capped off the night with beer + whiskey at a tavern close to our place. we replayed the night, sharing our thoughts, likes, dislikes... held hands and kept telling each other how much fun we were having... and i don't know if was the balmy temperature we were blessed with before the brisk nights of autumn take over, the scary monsters or the fuzzy lights we danced around but this date night was truly magical. the stress and bs from the week disappeared. poof. gone. like magic.


on the way home we saw this. and had to take a picture for max. he would have loved it.



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