#fbf: halloween's past

in celebration of me and mr. cheeky's 7th halloween together, let's take a look back. i don't have photos for every year we dressed up but these will do for blog post posterity. enjoy!

2014... a few things i love about joshy. that beard. that smirk. and that commitment to dressing up every halloween with me. last year we were lumberjacks! man, that was a good one.


... and the boys...WELL, knox was supposed to be an owl but somehow ended up in maxwell's log costume, and a huge band-aid instead pants... so what you have here is the biggest costume + family photo fail of all cheek time. ugh.


2013... mama nerd and her baby fox (6 months old!)

2013? the cracker jack guy and the cigarette lady! we are killing it.

20__?? retro flight attendants. best costumes EVER. though maybe i went a tad overboard with the bronzer? nah. and somehow cheeky ALWAYS has just the right tie to go with even my most decorative outfits :->

yea. we had a lot of fun with this one. wink wink :->


now if anyone has photos of us dressed up as the kennedy's or that time i was an american apparel model (don't you dare laugh) please send them to me asap! and stay tuned for this year's halloween report. it won't disappoint. happy halloween + trick-or-treat sunshines! we out!

... but wait there's more! a treat for those of you who stick around for the credits :->

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