beanie season

looking mad on the bus. as one does.

looking mad on the bus. as one does.

you call it sweater weather. i declare it beanie season.

despite my MO as big sunshine lover (all hail summer sony), i do love my beanies. and as luck or motive would have it, i married into a family of next level beanie makers. her name is nelda. aka the MIL. she crochets beanies, scarves, and guilt trips in her sleep. she's that good. so i have about a hundred of 'em.

as soon or slightly before la decides it's time for winter, our huge bin (also made by nelda) of crocheted head warmers and knobby accessories are pulled out and sorted. there is always a bit of the too small, just right, and i'm wearing it anyway. thank you nelda for spoiling us in the yarned goods department. and thank you max + knox for actually wearing them. i know. i got lucky on that one. but come on. who doesn't love a good, cozy blanket spooning their head?

but you know what i REALLY love about wearing a beanie? the feeling i get hiding behind it's gnarled thread. letting the fuzzy layer of warmth keep the cold world at bay as i inwardly play dreamy guitar songs in my head whilst simultaneously raising my nose at society, walking faster than necessary... chasing down words and ideas for my next story...

this is a beanie post. but oh so much more.

geeeez... let's hope summer comes quick folks because i am already a mess.


posses don't come cuter or warmer, guys.

and in the supreme likelihood that you don't have a fairy beanie mother, here are a few of my favorite beanies. most of them have poms and i am really not sorry about it. just click on the photos for the links! stay warm + snuggly sunshines!

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