holiday gift guide: everybody else

illustration by marc johns

illustration by marc johns

so this late in the game you're probably set or scrambling on what to get those other people... co-workers, your hairstylist, your nanny or whoever falls into this last category. so for the last holiday gift guides i give you this compilation of modest but thoughtful suggestions.

1. bkr water bottle. because everybody drinks water.

2. give the gift of nothing! i adore this book. hey someone buy it for me ok?

3. take a break from starbucks. try an uber hipster roaster with great labeling.

4. but then again... starbucks.

5. tomato jam should be errbody's jam.

6. fancy chocolate! someone always gets a bar of this stuff from me. not one complaint yet.

7. play it safe with a bit of fire.

8. an upside down plant? that's just coocoopants enough to be awesome!

9. monogram ornament. because they're pretty, and festive and people generally like monogram stuff.

10. incense. because i like incense.

11. dry hair shampoo. for those with hair.

12. pretty soap is always a safe bet.

13. succulents. kind of goes without saying.

14. one of a kind necklace that doesn't cost a million dollars.

15. super girly champagne.

16. and if you're really stuck go the lip balm route.

and there you go. now get to it! later sunshines!


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