in with the new + more of the same


a few weeks ago, during a mild panic attack, i decided it was time to start a few new projects. because isn't that how everyone reacts to stress? by adding more to your already full plate. yup, thought so. but that's me. and le blog was running like a well-oiled machine (ha!) so i felt i could take on new things, albeit ones i would actually finish. or perpetuate. oh whatever. you know what i mean.

then the holidays came and my sincere intentions got pushed back. swept under the christmas tree and a trip to sf. and i didn't feel bad about it. i'd get to them later. and that was ok. but my ambitions were always lingering, just waiting it out. taking bets on whether i'd come back for them. the weaving kit looming in the closet. the trying my hand at some real photography with our canon. the long overdue trip to the matthew barney exhibit. if i don't check that one off my list i will seriously hit something.

and now it's later. the trips are over and the holiday season has passed. and it's 2016. a new year with a mental fresh start. in 2016 i am no longer lagging but just ripe to begin. and i'm excited. it's resolution time. and though i didn't set out to make these ambitions resolutions that's what they became. my resolution to take on little projects. challenge myself to learn something new. something to make myself proud and to share with my boys. and manage my time better so i can make it to that exhibit already!

that said, even if i don't make it to that exhibit, or my projects trail well into the year, and perhaps the next, all i can really hope for in 2016 is more of the same...

more falafels.

more socks.

more bike rides.

more days at the beach.

more sunsets.

more sunrises.

more adventures.

more play dates with josh

365 more days of saying i love you.

and more days stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to admire the succulents.

wish me luck?

happy new year sunshines! i love you!

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