it's almost time for valentine's!


not everyone loves valentine's day... but you can bet your box of chocolates i do! what can i tell you? i'm not so much a romantic as i just love being in love. love is fun. love keeps me going. and i never ever take it for granted. so a day that celebrates love really is the best idea ever. right up there with birthdays. and under eye concealer, lol.

even the years when i didn't have a valentine, i dreamt of the day when someone would love me just right, and i loved them back. and my patience paid off. this will be my 8th valentine's day with mr. cheek. my best friend. my baby daddy. my co-pilot on this crazy ride of life. and we are more in LOVE than ever. see, dreams do come true my loves! 

this year we have something a bit unconventional planned and i can't wait to share it with you. but until then, how about a little valentine's day inspiration? my gift to you. a loving roundup of a few pretty and mostly red items.



off shoulder top // je t'aim card // heart headband // slave to love sweater // lbd  //  faux fur hair clip // rose gold crawlers // flowers // bubbly!  // ice cream card // red polish  // super hot bodysuit :-))

happy almost valentine's day sunshines! i hope you spend the day surrounded by the things you love the most. i'm out!!

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